Autronica Certifications

certified excellence


Strict controls in Autronica Fire and Security ensure our products and services. Our products are CE marked and developed to meet international standards and the CEN EN 54 normative. A product by autronica is always a safe choice

This section contains a list of approval entities that provide certificates to Autronica. The certificates for all our products are available under request.

Products certifications

Centrale Autrosafe BS-420
Controller BS-420
Pannello Operatore BS-430
Pannello Ripetitore BUBV420
Alimentatore BP-405

Centrale AUTROPRIME BS-200
Pannello ripetitore BS-210 BS-211

Rivelatore di Fumo
BHH-200 senza Selverify
BHH-300 con Selfverify
BHH-500 BHH-500/N BHH-500/ex con SV

Rivelatore Multisensor
BHH-220 senza Selverify
BHH-320 con Selfverify
BHH-520 BHH-520/N BHH-520/ex con SV

Rivelatore Termico/Termovelocimetrico
BDH-200 senza Selverify
BDH-300 con Selfverify
BDH-500 BDH-500/N BDH-500/ex con SV