Detection central unit Autroprime®

Autroprime®, Autronica Fire and Security AS’s new revolutionary fire detecting system offers an economic and advanced technology in the small and medium size applications. Autroprime® offers Autronica’s fire detection, effective, reliable and complying with the regulations, like the client expects. In addition, there are new features

Autronica’s products are always associated to the most cutting-edge technologies, able to revolution the approach to fire-detection. Autroprime® is not an exception: the system includes tested technologies from Autronica; the revolutionary aspect is that these sophisticated technologies are now in a affordable package. Autroprime® offers a system where everything works as it should and reliability and functionality are at their best. The simplicity grants that Autroprime® exceeds the client’s expectations and offers new generation functionality; Everything at low costs.

Autroprime® – simplifies the life.

Autroprime®, the simplest fire-detecting device

Simplified calibration

The detectors Autronica SelfVerify® execute automatically calibration test every 24 hours and they verify that the smoke and temperature sensibility is correct and in line with the European regulations. All that gives to the user that system runs every day correctly.

Simplified maintenance

The user will be informed of every potential change and the system will calibrate every sensor to bring it back to the normal values. The user will know when and where to act, saving time and money.

Simplified activation

Autroprime® will read automatically the loop’s topology from the time in which the main panel is switched on, relying on every single data coming from the loop unity. It is possible to configure the unit manually with a simple procedure, but the system will work starting from the first initialization.

Simplified operation.

The detectors, as every loop unity, are self-addressed. The single address will be visualized in emergency case or in case of anomalous operation state, allowing to save time in the problem solving stage by finding the problem quickly