Evac Systems

Autrovoice®, clear and concise informations

Bells and sirens provide just an alarm signal and people are not able to ascertain what kind of problem caused the alarm. The user is not able to know if the alarm is caused by an exercise or a real fire; they also don’t provide information on the kind of accident, its location and how to act.

Autrovoice can provide clear and concise information flanking the traditional alarm signals. Our vocal alert systems advice the users regarding the problem and they suggest the best decision to take. Thank to a preregistered message, the voice can be transmitted with a loudspeaker system with the possibility, if necessary, to substitute the messages registered with live transmission, providing precise informative messages.

People will be able to distinguish between exercise tests and real fires. If there would be a fire, the public would be guided to the closest emergency exit available and always taken away from the danger.

The preregistered messages can be handled by AutroVoice in a stand-alone version or integrate in the fire-detection system.