Loop units

A large range of products to meet all the needs

AutroSafe system offers a wide range of fire detectors, manual alarm buttons and I/O units, with or without SelfVerify function.
The system offers a choice between the following main series:

  • 200 series, standard addressable units;
  • 300 series, interactive addressable units with SelfVerify;
  • 500 series, interactive addressable units with SelfVerify – designed to work with severe conditions

The system offers Ex-ia approved versions as well, intended for high risk applications (These units are marked with the /Ex suffix) and high sensibility S-series smoke detectors. Both I/O units are available with the SelfVerify function as well. The input units can be provided in 500 and 500/Ex series as well.

SelfVerify® function
AutroSafe SelfVerify® solves every maintenance problem, eliminating long and expensive manual inspections. With the SelfVerify® function, the system checks daily every fire detector, button, interface, cable and connection — from the detector’s chamber to the alarm’s output commands. AutroSafe SelfVerify® not only verifies if a detector is able to activate an alarm, it checks, with a calibrated signal, every detector’s sensibility grade as well. The SelfVerify® function grants that every detector responds always to the correct alarm level. In case of irregularities, the main unit’s display will show clearly the origin of the problem.

Interactive detectors with Dynamic Filter (DYFI+)
AutroSafe uses detectors with DYFI+ digital filter. False alarms, are virtually eliminated and the system ensures a timely warning for a potential fire, before it becomes a serious problem. DYFI+ digital filter are present on every detector. Each detector has three different kind of filter:
-latent fire-detection filter, which provides a quick and accurate latent fire-detection, in situations where a potential fire, without flames, would be able to develop for a long period.
-transitory events filter, which virtually eliminates false alarms caused by phenomena not related to real fires. These kind of events can be due to short impulses caused, for example, by steam, cigarette smoke, etc..
-filter against pollution, which maintains a stable sensibility for the entire service duration of the detector, also in case of weathering aggression.

Short circuit isolator
A detection loop’s resistance is always monitored to verify possible interaction or shorts in the detection loop. Every single detector has a short circuit insulator preinstalled. In the case in which a short is registered, the insulator will active in the detector itself on both sides, so the short will be insulated.