What is aerosol fire-extinguishing?

Initially developed in the Russian aerospace department, aerosol technology uses a new generation extinguishing agent that is usually potassium based contained in non-pressurized devices called generators. The use of this agent occurs normally in steady plants, but it is now often used in the scope of the automotive.

What are the advantages of Aerosol compared to traditional extinguishing agents?

The innovative technology behind aerosol extinguishing allows to protect risky environments without the installation of tanks and tubing with a substantial cost reduction and an easy maintenance. Furthermore, aerosol is not only eco-compatible, but it also results not dangerous for mechanical or electrical parts and easy to remove from the interested ambient

Are aerosol products distributed by Sispa certificated?

Yes, Sispa and DSPA’s products obtained all the certifications available in the aerosol extinguishing systems market:

  • CEN / TR 15276-1
  • ISO / DIS 15779-1
  • BRL K23001/0
  • UL 2775:2008