What are automotive systems?

They are the integrated systems used to detect and extinguish a fire, especially developed for the use on vehicles and vessels (cars, buses, trucks, vessels, container and power generators) and able to protect the vehicle and the people that are in it.

What are the advantages for the safety of people and properties?

Automotive systems are easy to install and to maintain, they are small and an auto-analysis technology ensures that the device detects and extinguishes always optimally, protecting people and property.

Furthermore, the coupling with the aerosol extinguishing technology is eco-friendly and with a low impact of the extinguishing agent on the interested ambient.

What are the solution that Sispa has in the automotive field?

Sispa is the exclusive Italian distributor for Domino Technology whose SAS CU Automotive system represents the state-of-the-art in vehicle safety, ensuring reliability in fire-detecting and efficiency in fire-extinguishing. At the same time it slows down managing costs