DSPA 5 launch-device

What is a DSPA 5 launch device?

It is a light, practical and easily movable device which can be thrown directly into the room in fire. It is perfect to intervene quickly, it is a fast, easy and safe system to extinguish indoor fires

How is it used?

Taken note of the situation and using the standard procedures, DSPA 5 can be activated and thrown into the room in fire. After a few seconds from the activation, the device begins to release its extinguishing material, aerosol, which expands volumetrically and reaches every point of the room.

Put out the flames and with a lower temperature, is possible to safely go in the room to verify the situation and eventually extinguish the left embers.

What are the advantages?

Launch device can be easily and quickly used chocking the fire in a few seconds, raising the safety of the intervention teams.
Therefore the aerosol extinguishing agent, maintains untouched oxygen levels and is not toxic.