Leader in safety

Playing with fire has never been so safe.

Sispa grants a total reliability with its products deriving from the strictness of the quality checks made on the single component of every piece introduced in the market and from the proven exchange relationship and knowledge with the producing brands of which is the sole agent in Italy.

Furthermore internationally recognized third parties certify the quality of our products ensuring the highest standards in compliance with the regulations in force.

At the foundation of our accumulated experience and the quality level that we reached our belief is that safety is the most important aspect to which every company should pay attention to. For us protecting the safety means increase one’s strength and developing possibility, building the ideal stability conditions to grow and to work.

Fields of application

Hospitals, airports, cruise ships and other kinds of boats, churches, schools as well as high-risk level industrial applications such as power plants and control rooms, everywhere in the world. This is our challenge: be able to respond to all the requirements among the different security systems to grant effective solutions in every context.



Fire-extinguish with aerosol