Twin Set

The solution for fire detection in false ceiling.

Detection in the room and in the false ceiling. Together.

TwinSet simplifies the installation of the two detectors through a single wiring. The length of the rod is adjustable according to any need.

Difficulties of inspection and maintenance? Goodbye!

TwinSet simplifies the procedures of inspection also in the most difficult situations, adapting to any context. No more panels to disassemble and trapdoors to open.


How TwinSet is made

The tool is designed to connect the room detector with the false ceiling detector. This new solution allows to wire and place the two detectors on a single rod that can be easily placed.

TwinSet is designed to be removable, to facilitate the inspection and maintenance operations. The tool has got the exclusive peculiarity to solve the problem of false ceiling that cannot be inspected..

Thanks to TwinSet you can cut out trapdoors or unaesthetic compartments.